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You will most likely discover that 3PS is very much "unlike" any other fitness/conditioning facility around. This is exactly how we envisioned it and designed it!!


FIRST – All training and conditioning sessions at 3PS will be led by a certified strength and conditioning coach, ready to guide, motivate, and help you reach your goals. No more guessing at where to start? What to do next? And am I doing this properly?


SECOND – Since 3PS will have coaches leading each training session, this makes our training center more exclusive. Exclusive in the sense that we are not a 24-hour/7-day a week fitness club, but rather a training center that conducts training systems and conditioning under the watchful eye of skilled sports performance and conditioning coaches ready to lead and encourage. Training sessions are scheduled by reservation only, except for classes such as our Co-Ed Group Circuit Training Classes -- COMING SOON!!!


*Please see our Training and Conditioning Class Descriptions by clicking the SERVICES button at the bottom of the page.


THIRD – We consider 3PS to be a PFE destination (Place For Encouragement) destination. Not only is 3PS a training center for sports performance training & conditioning for athletes, but in just the same way -- non-athletes alike will benefit from the uplifting encouragement and coaching throughout their workouts and conditioning!! Personal training.



To have an idea of what the culture is like around the 3PS Center -- the following characteristics are examples of what you will find:



Snapshot of the Dale Carnegie & Handley Associates philosophy – What the world’s leading provider of training for self-development and increased human potential called to mind during an exhortation of Stuart Leonard’s uncommon dairy store; even though several dairy stores were closer in proximity and Leonard’s store was hundreds of miles out of the way, loyal customers nonetheless continued their pilgrimage and patronage, all because of Leonard’s great customer service.




NBC’s popular television sitcom “Cheers” exemplifies the “feel good” atmosphere and spirit everybody longs to be a part of and desires. Just as their theme song illuminates:



“Sometimes you want to go,

Where everybody knows your name

And they’re always glad you came

Where everybody knows your name

You want to be, where you can see,

The troubles are all the same

You want to go, where everybody

knows your name.”




Legendary football Coach Lou Holtz’s three simple rules that guarantee success:

Rule #1 – Do what’s right

Rule #2 – Do the very best you can at

                all times and every place

Rule #3 – Treat others as you would

                like to be treated –

                The GOLDEN RULE!


Lou Holtz

Coach Mike Pearson &

Coach Lou Holtz

These three simple rules guarantee success

because they answer three universal

questions every person asks and wants

to know:

  1. Can I trust you?

  2. Are you committed to excellence?

  3. Do you care about me?


The basis for teamwork is love and feeling. Teamwork is the foundation for success and excellence. You cannot have excellence without great togetherness.


-Coach Lou Holtz



George Bailey (Jimmy Stewart) in the 1946 classic “It’s A Wonderful Life.”


The Bailey Brother’s Building & Loan Association in Bedford Falls during the Depression and World War II exemplified the grace and courage, love and compassion, that all people should demonstrate toward their fellow man.


In this classic movie, George intended to leave home after college to see the world, but instead stayed home to help his uncle Billy and family after his father Peter suddenly died. According to George, “So people didn’t have to run to Potter . . . so people didn’t have to wait until they’re so old and broken down to own a $5,000 home.”


When talking to old man Potter and others in the board room about his father, George declared, “People are human beings to him, but to Potter . . . sees them as cattle.”

To combat this likeness of  "herding cattle mentality," and lack of warmth -- 3PS will facilitate a culture of great customer service along with authentic love that enables all of the above characteristics and illustrations.

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